I am weak… so weak!

Why is it that when all your unfinished projects weigh you down, the only logical solution is to start a new one?

For no particular reason my hands were itching for a new start (Hah! Like you need a reason anyway!). The joy of sorting through fabrics, figuring out measurements, deciding on colors and finally putting that first stitch in. Yes… I was itching for a new start. It was a buzz that simply would not go away. And so with gleeful abandon I gave in. Here is the tiny progress I made on Day 1 (30 July) of my latest start.

new start 3

The project wound up looking quite different from what I first envisioned. But when inspiration knocks you simply have to answer, don’t you?

The piece is being stitched on 28 count count Graziano Linen in Milan-Savannah Rose. It is a delicate, blush pink and the DMC I’m using is a vivid 154. I fell in love with this deep, rich purple when browsing the DMC range at my local store. I snatched up a skein having no clue that I would find a project for it in less than 3 days.

new start comp

Can you guess yet what the piece will be? I’ll give you a hint. It’s a freebie and quite a popular quote.

I’m really enjoying this piece so far. Hopefully it has quenched my thirst for new starts for a while. But only time will tell…

Until next time… stay blessed!


10 thoughts on “I am weak… so weak!

  1. New starts because…yes, we are weak. And we are enabled by all of the pretty designs and fabric and the process of starting a new project. Even though I am loving stitching on the Raven Queen, I am itching to start a new project or get back to another one. But I am trying to stay strong. It is so hard, though! For now I will enjoy your new start. Maybe a music note? Not sure, but I will enjoy watching you stitch on that pretty fabric.

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    1. I completely understand what you mean. I am already plotting out my next start and stashing goodies for it. So much for my firm resolve to complete this one before starting the next one.

      And no… I’m afraid it’s not a music note. But all will become crystal clear in the update post I plan to put up this weekend 🙂


  2. I have no idea what pattern it is, but I love the color combo!!! There’s nothing like crisp new linen. That first stitch is always so exciting!!!

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 I wish I could get a better picture. After trying four spots in the house and different lighting conditions this was the best I could do. And it still doesn’t do any justice to the DMC154.


  3. Oh the temptation of a new start, I hope you don’t enable me in this too 😉
    My first guess was a Lizzie Kate ..but then you said its a freebie…
    Will wait and watch…

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    1. Come on over to the dark side Mini… so much more fun here! 😉 😀

      And no… not a Lizzie Kate this time 🙂 Although I have a few in my stash that have been serenading me for a while now. Must resist temptation. MUST BE STRONG!

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    1. Haha… it’s so refreshing to know I’m not the only nut out there who thinks that taking on MORE work will magically enable me to finish my existing work 😀 We stitchers are a naughty lot! 😉


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