10 Things to do in Vienna

Planning a trip to Vienna? Here is my personal list of must-have experiences on any visit to the City of Dreams.

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A tranquil bubble in the bustle of the city – Motel 1, Brussels

When we first started planning our summer getaway to Europe our main intention was to visit Amsterdam. However, when we found relatively cheap tickets to Paris we decided to fly there instead and make our way up to the Netherlands. Belgium was meant to be nothing more than a pit stop on the way to our final destination. But this little gem sandwiched between Western European behemoths like Germany and France took us completely by surprise.

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A day trip to Karlovy Vary

I’ve mentioned previously that my girlfriends and I spent a weekend in Prague. On our second day in Prague we decided to take a day trip to the little town of Karlovy Vary – a rustic gem roughly 130 km west of Prague.

The Tepla river

Read on to find out what we got up to on our exciting day trip to Karlovy Vary.

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10 Reasons NOT to visit Paris

You may have read a lot about why your life is simply not complete unless you visit Paris. Paris sends out her siren song and every year millions of unsuspecting victims answer her call.

Read on to find 10 reasons why you should NOT visit Paris.

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Fact or Fiction – A rundown on Parisian preconceptions


Reams and reams have been written on all this city has to offer. Before I left for Paris I heard a lot of mixed reviews. People seemed to either love or hate Paris.

For some reason Paris had never been on my radar. Maybe it was all the reports from good friends or maybe it is the anti-romantic in me. I knew I would visit Paris someday but it languished somewhere at the bottom of my priority list.

Our goal for these past Eid holidays was to get to Amsterdam. But our plans changed spontaneously when we found relatively cheap tickets to Paris.  Before I knew it, we somehow settled on 4 nights in Paris, a night in Brussels and 3 nights in Amsterdam before returning to Paris to fly back home.

Those close to me will remember my utter dread, yes dread! at the thought of visiting Paris. The internet was flooded with accounts of massive crowds and 2 hour long queues at attractions. To make matters worse we were visiting in high season during the Euro 2016 finals week! I resigned myself to the fact that we would spend all our time waiting in queues in a messy, crowded, old city.

But Paris took me completely by surprise.

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