The storm before the calm

So about 9 months ago this happened.


Our little girl made her dramatic entrance into the world, 3 months premature, in the summer of 2017.

I choose to believe that even the most extraordinary circumstances in life can teach us a thing or two. And our journey over the past few months has been no different.

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Fudgy cocoa brownies

I think I have found THE one! The hunt for the perfect brownie recipe has been long and hard people. But my research has come to a satisfactory conclusion. I like my brownies to have that crisp, crackly crust with thick, fudgy, chocolate-y centers. And these brownies tick both those boxes. Continue reading “Fudgy cocoa brownies”

An ode to Kuranda

Continuing on in my Australia series, today let’s take a look at Kuranda. Kuranda, a remote Australian mountaintop village in Queensland, is one of those anomalies that you really won’t know whether to love or hate. Or perhaps like us you can settle for cheerful ambivalence. Before we visited I read plenty of reviews about how Kuranda is a tourist trap and that a visit there could really dent your pockets. Now that I’ve been there myself, I can confirm that every word of this is true. But in spite of all its perceived flaws, Kuranda has a charm that is hard to deny.

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A Tastebud Tour of Asia – Cho Gao Abu Dhabi

Today’s post is about Cho Gao – an Asian fusion restaurant housed in the Crowne Plaza, Abu Dhabi. Showcasing Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and Indonesian dishes, Cho Gao will take you on a tantalizing taste-bud tour of the very best of South East Asia.

We have dined here a few times as a couple as well as with friends and family and every single time we walk away wondering why we don’t eat here more often. It is one of those Abu Dhabi gems that have stood the test of time by consistently serving up classic favorites.

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Australia in two weeks

As I mentioned in a previous post, after a rough start we finally made it to Australia. If you have not read about it yet, I urge you to take a peek at that post. I’d like to think the one positive thing about that experience is that I can use this platform to spread awareness about the issue. So please, make my day and go read that post by clicking here.

So now that I am done with my PSA of the day, let’s get on to more fun things and talk about what we did once we landed on the Island Continent.

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