The fickle Gemini

Today it’s time for a WIP update.

Remember my latest start that I introduced a while ago? I’ve been working exclusively on this piece in August on the few stitchy days I managed to squeeze in. Here is where I stopped after about 10 days of stitching.

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I am weak… so weak!

Why is it that when all your unfinished projects weigh you down, the only logical solution is to start a new one?

For no particular reason my hands were itching for a new start (Hah! Like you need a reason anyway!). The joy of sorting through fabrics, figuring out measurements, deciding on colors and finally putting that first stitch in. Yes… I was itching for a new start. It was a buzz that simply would not go away. And so with gleeful abandon I gave in. Here is the tiny progress I made on Day 1 (30 July) of my latest start.

new start 3

The project wound up looking quite different from what I first envisioned. But when inspiration knocks you simply have to answer, don’t you?

The piece is being stitched on 28 count count Graziano Linen in Milan-Savannah Rose. It is a delicate, blush pink and the DMC I’m using is a vivid 154. I fell in love with this deep, rich purple when browsing the DMC range at my local store. I snatched up a skein having no clue that I would find a project for it in less than 3 days.

new start comp

Can you guess yet what the piece will be? I’ll give you a hint. It’s a freebie and quite a popular quote.

I’m really enjoying this piece so far. Hopefully it has quenched my thirst for new starts for a while. But only time will tell…

Until next time… stay blessed!