My first Flat Ornament finish

I am super duper proud to introduce you to my latest finish. This is my first finish of 2016. My first FFO for 2016. My first time making a cord and tassel. My first cross stitch finished as a flat ornament.

The pattern is from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and is called Legendary Friends. I stitched this up for a friend’s birthday (She picked out the pattern herself). Without further ado, here it is…

Legendary Friends by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
Et Voila!
And the back


This piece is done 2 over 2 on 32 count evenweave from Silkweaver – a gorgeous fabric that I thoroughly enjoyed. I did, of course, make some changes to the pattern.

  • For starters I swapped out the recommended fabric, a deep blue opal, for a lighter fabric. My gal, C, is a bright and bubbly person and the minute I pulled out this fabric I knew this was The One for her.
  • I did make it a horse rather than a unicorn as originally charted. The pastel My-Little-Pony girliness of this design was already a flying leap out of my comfort zone and I am convinced C chose this pattern just to torture me. So you will excuse me if my mind simply refused to allow the addition of a unicorn to the mix. Minus the horn, this stays firmly grounded in reality as an actual horse. Albeit a horse with a rainbow mane and tail. Meh… Nothing a little hair dye can’t fix.
  • I personalized the piece by adding the month and year to commemorate the birthday and added her name as well (the censored portion you see in the picture).
  • I did leave out some of the scattered stars that were charted in the original design as I didn’t want it to get too crowded.
  • I stitched up the moon using some Madeira metallic that I had in my stash. Madeira, by the way, was a dream to work with. I found it much better than Kreinik, the only other metallic I have used in the past. It didn’t unravel as easily and while I would hardly use the word ‘glide’, it did slip through the fabric without too much hassle.
Legendary Friends by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
Madeira Metallic Moon


Since I would have to snail mail this piece to my friend, I opted to finish it as a flat ornament. I LOVED the process of putting this finish together. I felt positively craft-y (?!) doing it and I went to bed that night with a happy heart.

Not too bad for a first attempt, eh?

I started by making cord for the very first time. I am so grateful to Pinwheel Ponders for her brilliant step by step instructions.

I did struggle with getting the length of floss just right. My first attempt was using 84 inches of variegated perle cotton floss. That wound up (pun unintended) being way too thin and way too short for my border which would require at least 14 inches of twisted cord. It did not go to waste though as I used it as the hangar for the ornament.

Love the subtle orange-pink variegation of the Anchor Perle

The second time around I used 6 strands of regular embroidery floss and started with nearly 168 inches of floss. That worked out perfectly and I ended up with more than enough for my border, the knot and tassel with plenty of cord left over. If anyone has any wisdom to impart on how much floss you should actually start with to get a desired length of cord I’d really appreciate it.

My first cord

I was able to finish this ornament thanks to the wonderful instructions available out there on the web. My gratitude goes out to all bloggers/Youtubers who take the trouble of posting detailed tutorials for beginners like me. And in the spirit of passing on the good deed, if anyone would like more details on how exactly I put this together, drop me a comment or an email and I would be happy to help in any way I can.

Until next time!


41 thoughts on “My first Flat Ornament finish

  1. Hello!
    I find this so amazingly beautiful! I fancy such crafts. You compliment your work nicely when you write about it, thanks for sharing! 🙂 Have you taken any tutorials or it runs in the family, the skill? 🙂
    Light and Peace!

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    1. Thanks Preeti! Glad you liked the finish 🙂

      And thanks for letting me know about not being able to reply. I thought I had fixed my issue of being a No-Reply blogger but apparently not 😦

      It’s a good idea to include a link to your blog with the comments Will make it a point to do that in future when commenting on Blogspot blogs 🙂


  2. You managed your first flat ornament finishing very well. Great job!
    When I make a cord I measure how long it is supposed to be, then I take this length x 3 and add an additional 10″ to be on the safe side, and I have the length I need to make my cord. I read that somewhere but can’t remember where. So far it has always worked fine.

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    1. Thank you so much Brigette for your suggestion.

      So that means for my 14 inches of cord I would need 14*3 = 42+10 = 52 inches of floss. But I started with 84 and it was still too short 😦 I wonder if it was because I wound it way too tight? Or is it because I used a single strand of perle instead of 6 strands of embroidery floss? Hmmm…


      1. I have no idea, why it is too short. For me it has always worked. Meanwhile I remembered where I had read it. You can find it in the general finishing instructions at the end of each Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue.

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  3. Hi Diya!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog:) I really love your ornament – all those bright colours are simply gorgeous:) Love ice cream pastels lol! And you have finished it beautifully; I have still to properly master the finishing process when it comes to my cross stitching so I’m very impressed! I think I have to take your advice about checking out youtube for tutorials…:) They are very much needed I’m afraid lol.

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  4. You’ve made a great job of your first flatfold, it’s a lovely design. The cord looks good too. It seems to be suprising just how much thread you need to make a relatively short piece of cord!

    Thanks for your comment about joining the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL. Glad you can join us. The link-up posts appear on my blog on the 15th of each month and you simply add a link to the actual GG post on your blog so everyone can find it.
    You are a “no-reply” commenter, so could you reply to this comment by email and then I’ll have your email address to correspond.

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    1. Thank you Jo! I still haven’t mastered the calculation of the floss length to get a desired cord length :S I plan on doing some more finishes this way so hopefully I will get a hang of it someday 🙂

      Thank you for notifying me about the No Reply thingy. Had no idea what that was all about so I fiddled with some settings and I think it’s been fixed now. Fingers crossed!


  5. This looks awesome! I love how pastel the whole thing is, and the cording is lovely! I’ve never attempted a finish like this, but I’m so tired of resorting to framing my completed projects and I’m eager for more ideas like this one! I’ll have to try this as a way to finish one of my smaller stitches. 🙂

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    1. I was getting tired of framed pieces too. And this was too small to justify a frame so I had to find an alternative.

      Even while I was working on this my mind was buzzing with so many variations of a flat ornament. Now I can’t wait to finish my next small piece so that I can try my hand at this again 😀

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  6. Wow! You did an awesome job on your first finish! It looks so perfect! I have not tried to make a cord, but I hope to remember to use your suggestion for help when I do. Yours turned out perfect! Beautiful stitching, too. The recipient is going to love it! Congrats on your first flat finish!


    1. Thank you so much Ginny! I really loved putting it together and I’m so happy it lived up to the visions in my head 🙂

      The cording was surprisingly easy and it turned out way better than I hoped. PinwheelPonders did an amazing job with her tutorial 🙂 And it really elevated the piece. So much so that I can’t wait to use this technique again. Will have to churn out a finish first though 😉

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  7. Yes, indeed beautiful finish.. Color choices are great… but good thing is you have written every single step to make this ornament which helps even a beginner learn this art. Unfortunately, I am no expert in this. In fact, I have no experience at all. Good Job.. Keep it up! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Shivesh! I’m glad that I could introduce you to a new craft 🙂 Really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.

      P.S. You have a great blog yourself. Any recommendations on which of your work I should read first?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh.. Thanks for the appreciative words..
        I will suggest.. start with shorter write-up.. Search for
        An Exaggerated version of Monday Blues
        An Honest Attempt to fall in love, again
        From the God’s Diary
        How to not fall in love and stay desperate
        There are so many.. you can go for anything..
        Thanks again! 🙂


    1. Thank you! 🙂 Unless it’s a gift I usually don’t bother with finishing. My most common finishing method has been framing.

      But since I was going to post this, it just wouldn’t work for this piece. Hehe… necessity is the mother of invention right? 😉

      And I must say I enjoyed the process for this one way more than framing. Although it is far from perfect, I am ridiculously pleased with how this turned out 🙂

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