Green Mubazzarah Chalets – Al Ain

For the longest time now a group of us girls have been planning a Ladies Night. What started off as a Girls Only barbecue (You know how much we love our barbecue here in the UAE) quickly snowballed into an overnight stay at a resort where we wound up celebrating a bachelorette and not one but TWO birthdays! Let’s just say it was a night packed with scandalous events and what happened at Ladies Night will stay at Ladies Night!

The point of this long winded intro was to introduce you to our venue for the night – the Green Mubazzarah Chalets in Al Ain.


The drive from Abu Dhabi to the Green Mubazzarah took roughly 1.5 hours on perfect roads that were well marked on my GPS.  Rest assured that the route is easy because if someone as directionally challenged as I am can find the way there alone, then anyone can!

The Green Mubazzarah is a velvety, pea green valley fed by the hot springs at the foot of the Jebel Hafeet mountains. After miles and miles of roads slicing through bleak desert sands, the sudden transition to the gentle, rocky slopes and lush greenery was a welcome sight to the eyes.

Green Mubazzarah Chalets, Al Ain

The area is perfect for a day out with the family. There are play areas for the children, separate indoor swimming pools for men and women, a restaurant, grocery, designated barbecue areas, a camping area where visitors can pitch their tents and of course the individual chalets you can book for the night.


There are different blocks of chalets each with different views I am guessing. My GPS directed me to block D – a group of chalets ensconced in a small, green valley. From there it was a confusing route to the main reception as the area is chockfull of roundabouts and there are no signs anywhere except at the first main roundabout which I somehow seemed to have missed. I do wish these guys would work on better signage to direct their guests.

Aside from the five minutes or so at check-in and check-out, we did not see any staff for the remainder of our stay. But they were only a phone call away in case we needed them. The staff at the reception could not give us clear directions to get to our chalet which was located in a different block. They vaguely waved in the general direction of our chalet and after much circling aimlessly and stopping to ask for directions it was a relief to get to our block and find our chalet.



Do not let the word chalet fool you. Our 2 bedroom chalet was pretty much a fully-fledged, standalone villa! Each chalet is enclosed by its own walled gate with shaded parking for up to 2 cars. The front door opens to a vestibule leading to a large living and dining room.

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The master bedroom is massive with an attached bathroom and dressing area. The second room was also large and spacious and there was a second bathroom as well. Both bathrooms were supplied with basic toiletries and fresh towels.

The kitchen came stocked with a basic stove top, fridge and microwave. Some plates and a frying pan were also provided. The living room furniture, the sofa in particular, was rather old and had seen better days but other than that the place was clean and seemed well maintained. There was even a balcony and small surrounding landscaped yard where you could easily set up a barbecue.


The sheer size of the place blew us away. We had not expected such large and spacious rooms from the pictures we had seen online. Although officially advertised for 4 adults the rooms could easily accommodate more. Of course their ‘No Party Allowed’ policy may just put a damper on any house parties you are cooking up as you read this. I’m guessing they are aiming for a family atmosphere and the last thing they want is a rowdy group disturbing the peace. But since we were already there, it was too late to turn back.


After a long night of getting our groove on (without disturbing any of our neighbors!), we settled down for a quick barbecue on the balcony. If you are not in the mood to cook, a menu is provided at check-in and you can get food delivered to your chalet.


After a near sleepless, gossipy night where secrets were shared and new bonds were forged, we woke up early and rifled up a quick breakfast with some groceries we had brought along. We checked out by noon and headed to the nearby Hot Springs where an enthusiastic photo session ensued.

Green Mubazzarah Hot Springs, Al Ain

There was much splashing about in the warm, shallow water and frolicking on the grassy slopes. We then headed back into town where we grabbed a quick lunch as a last hurrah to our Ladies Night before we headed back home…


No doubt about it – We had an absolute blast at the chalet. The place was clean, spacious and perfect for our needs. The furnishings could do with a bit of updating but the bedding was clean and fresh so it didn’t bother us too much. Although rather remote, we felt perfectly safe and comfortable during our stay. The service was nothing stellar and we appreciated the ‘here if you need us’ approach.

At AED 1,102/- per night (inclusive of taxes), the 2 bedroom chalet is pretty good value for money. Do not go there if you expect pristine surroundings and impeccable service. But if you are looking for a quick, independent getaway with the added draw of a major UAE attraction right next door, the Green Mubazzarah Chalets would be a pretty good bet.

16 thoughts on “Green Mubazzarah Chalets – Al Ain

    1. Wow Rahma! Thank you so much! 😀

      I’d hardly consider myself a travel blogger because my travel section is quite meager at present 🙂 But I have enough material to fill up quite a few posts so I’m hoping someday my blog will eventually catch up to real life 🙂

      Thanks for your visit and lovely comment. Hope to see you back again soon 🙂

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  1. I really enjoyed your descriptions of the “chalets” and the customer service. It is many years since I’ve had a girls weekend and I think you may have inspired me to do something about that when we return home to Oz in a couple of months.

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    1. I’m so sorry I missed replying to your comment earlier. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and hope you did manage to sneak in that girls’ weekend 🙂


    1. You should totally plan a Ladies Night Lana 🙂 Maybe you can manage an overnight stay at a resort somewhere close to your home? If not, at least a day out where you can shop and chat and pig out on ice cream! 😀 Perfection! 🙂

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  2. I love the photos you shared! The chalet looked gorgeous, never mind the furniture, it still looked clean and nice. I would stay there in a minute! Living here in the U.S. and not having traveled much, even within my own country, I really like the look of the chalet. Is it made out of adobe or something? So bright and airy. I enjoy travel posts because I get to see places that I’ve never been to. Now I will be daydreaming about it all day!

    Thanks for sharing your little adventure with your gal-pals. I had fun reading it 🙂

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    1. Thank you Melissa! We had a blast there in spite of the rather dated decor 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed the post.

      I love reading travel posts too! 🙂 Rather dangerous because my travel wishlist grows impossibly long but o well 😉

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