TTLT – Day 8 – The Natural World

What I wouldn’t give for a place like this to run to every time I need to get away from the world.

Looking at this picture I can just about hear the rustling of the leaves caressed by a gentle breeze. I can feel the dappled sunbeams brush against my skin. I can smell the wild countryside herbs that cover the mossy earth.

The natural world is a blessing indeed.



TTLT – Day 7 – Big

Here’s something I stumbled on today…

Q : What does a rock want to be when it grows up?

A : A rock star!

And on that ridiculously silly note, here is my assignment of the day.

Rock formations in Musandam, Oman


TTLT – Day 6 – Connect

Last weekend DH and I had a chance for a quick getaway to Kuwait.

Although the trip was mostly to re-Connect with family, we did manage to squeeze in some time for ourselves.

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TTLT – Day 5 – Solitude

Assignment : How can you interpret the state of being alone, or a lonely and uninhabited place?

Today’s picture is a snapshot of the road to Liwa – an oasis tucked away at the edge of the Rub Al Khali (Empty Quarter) desert.

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TTLT – Day 4 – Bliss

Assignment : What is your idea of bliss? Is it an image of your family, laughing at the dinner table? A state of total relaxation, while lying on the beach? Your latest painting, drying on the canvas?

Today’s post is yet another Greek souvenir on my bookshelf – effectively combining my loves of travel and reading. Hence, bliss. This time I present a baby owl with bright blue eyes.

Blue eyed wonder
Blue eyed wonder

Athena, the patron goddess of the city of Athens, was often depicted with or represented by an owl in Greek mythology. The exact reasons for this have perhaps been lost forever in the sands of time. But Athena being the goddess of wisdom, the owl has now come to symbolize wisdom and knowledge. Perhaps it has something to do with their wide, piercing, all-knowing stare? Or the fact that owls can see in the dark? Or that they are keepers of the secrets of the night?

But in spite of their reputation for wisdom, owls do have some negative connotations too. Oddly enough the Hindi word for owl “ulloo” is used to represent a foolish person. Likewise in some cultures the hoot of an owl is said to predict the death of someone in the household. Ironic because so many cross stitch birth samplers seem to feature owls. Circle of life, huh?

Until next time folks… stay blessed!