Twenty years from now – Musings of a solo female traveler

On 29 April 2016, I packed my bags and headed out on a week-long trip that would change my outlook forever. After eons of planning I finally set out on my first solo international trip which would culminate in a Girls’ weekend abroad before we all headed to our respective homes.


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Elocution competitions – The Devil’s Doing

I firmly believe that elocution competitions are the devil’s devious doing. Why you ask? Let’s just say that my experiences with public speaking have not ended well. Read on for more details.

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An Attitude of Gratitude

So early today morning my alarm rang, I snoozed. The alarm rang again, I snoozed again (What normal human being wakes up at the first ring of the alarm anyway?). Now on a regular day this ring-snooze-sleep cycle would continue unabated for anywhere between 30 to 50 minutes. On a regular day I would eventually wake up with enough time to spare. But today was not a regular day.

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