WIP Introduction – Angel of Hope by Lavender and Lace

Today I want to share with you one of my many, many WIP’s which as the title of this post suggests is a Lavender and Lace pattern.

The late Marilyn Levitt Imblum, the artist behind Lavender and Lace, was a prolific and incredibly talented designer. Her portfolio includes everything from angels and Santas to ladies and children. Her figures are wistfully graceful often draped in flowing robes or gowns. While I am generally not a big fantasy buff, her angels certainly captured my heart. I was smitten at first sight and before I knew it, I was slowly but surely building up my collection.

One of the first angels I acquired was the Angel of Hope. Of all the L&L angels she is still one of my favorites. When I bought the pattern I was just getting my feet wet in the stash acquisition world. I was very careful about the purchase and thought long and hard before I committed to it. It was one of my very first online purchases and I lived in dread until the package finally reached me safe and sound a few weeks later. I was beyond thrilled when I received it and I distinctly remember some cooing and cuddling of the pattern before I put it away.

Angel of Hope by Lavender and Lace
Angel of Hope by Lavender and Lace

Another haul at roughly the same time had left me with a piece of 28 count Cashel linen that was big enough for this pattern if stitched over 1. It was not the color called for in the pattern but was dark enough that I felt all the white in the design would stand out more. I was also being very careful at the time about stash acquisitions because:

A) Lack of local options – I have no local stores I can visit and browse. There is only one store in my area that sells fabric in very limited counts and colors. But they are ridiculously over priced. I would much rather spend all that extra money on buying a few more patterns.

B) Unreliable online fabric swatches – I had to rely on online pictures of fabric swatches to judge the true color of the fabric. I wasn’t confident enough that anything I did pick would wind up looking the same in real life.

C) Astronomical shipping rates – The most reasonable source of supplies for me is the US. The rates there are far cheaper for me than any other country after factoring in the currency conversion rates. But often the shipping would cost more than the item thereby negating any savings I was making. Not to mention the shipping takes FOREVER! My larger packages from the US have taken up to 2 months to arrive! (I kid you not. You may now pick your jaw up off the floor). I’ve also had a package lost in the mail twice! O, the horror!

All things considered and being the cautious shopper I was back then, I wasn’t too keen on purchasing any new fabric for my Angel. I didn’t want to waste the fabric I already had and so decided to stitch the Angel of Hope on it rather than buy a whole new piece.

I put my first stitches in on the 20th of October, 2014. She is being stitched on 28 count cashel linen, full cross 1 over 1.

Fresh off the hoop after stitching on Day 1
Fresh off the hoop after stitching on Day 1

Much time has passed and since then I have turned over to the dark side and become a serial starter. My best (worst?!) day was when I started four (yes FOUR!!!!) projects in a single day. But more on that later.

Pretty soon my multitude of projects started to weigh on me. I felt like I was stitching and stitching but not making any progress. Most of my WIP’s were larger pieces and since I was switching back and forth so much I didn’t really have much progress to show on any one piece. I finally decided to make the Angel of Hope my focus piece. She was among my first starts and one of the smaller ones so hopefully I could manage a finish with her relatively soon. Once I made that decision and started concentrating on her it was like a weight had been rolled off my shoulders. It felt good to see how steadily she was growing and I was delighted to mark minor milestones like a wing or a neck or a sleeve. She is far from done but I do intend to keep working on her steadily. Here is my progress as of today.

Progress as of 06 June 2015
Progress as of 06 June 2015

Do you get overwhelmed too with multiple projects? How do you manage to keep the lack of finishes from bogging you down?


The birth of a blog

I have been prompted to start a blog for quite some time now but in my tranquil wisdom (more on that later) I have bravely fought off all prior urges and inklings. There were many, many reasons why I held off as long as I did some of which you will see below I have managed to resolve to a certain degree of satisfaction…

What on earth would I write about?

Anything and everything of course! For once I have free reign to write. I am not bound by word, space or topic limitations as is often the case with those dreary English essays in school. I can let my creativity soar unleashed. And that, to me, is exciting beyond belief. I can and will be writing about my passions – past, present and future. About my travels. About my love of food. About my dislike of anything that requires me to leave the comfort of my cozy bed (Yes, I have sworn an undying oath of allegiance to the CPC – Couch Potato Club. No, I did not just make that up).

What could I possibly have to write that hasn’t already been written and has used up enough paper in the process to deplete  an Amazonian rain forest (or a digital equivalent of the same)?

Quite possibly not very much. There are plenty of self-made gurus out there who can give you guidance and advice galore. I am not presumptuous enough to think that I am in any way qualified to hone in on their market share. What I can bring to the table however is a distinctly unique spin on things because I will be writing about MY experiences. What you will most likely see here are snippets about the life and times of a 20-something female expat living in the UAE.

Is this something I am really committed to doing? Or is it another one of my fleeting fancies that will make the lifespan of a fruit fly seem like an eternity?

Honestly? It’s way too soon to tell. I was quite determined not to start yet another activity I couldn’t carry on for a reasonable amount of time. I face enough ridicule on that subject with all my other hastily implemented and just as hastily abandoned projects. I am afflicted with that rarest of ailments that cause me to crash headfirst into a newfound project like the proverbial bull in a china shop. Each time I pick up a new hobby I am convinced that THIS is going to be my eternal and undying passion but then wind up disillusioned when it is not all I imagined it would be. I can already envision my Mum reading this and rolling her eyes as she counts off the innumerable half finished (and sometimes even unstarted!) projects that clutter the family home.

In my defence… life is too short! So why chip away at something that no longer brings you satisfaction? Am i right or am I right? Yes it may have been good while it lasted. But sometimes you just have to move on to newer and more challenging assignments.

So back to the blog… Although this idea has been brewing in my busy head for over a year I gave it due time to see if this urge to write was something that would last. And you know what… not only did it last it even grew stronger! And so here I am.

Looking forward to what this new chapter holds for me and hope you will join me on this new adventure.