Liebster Award – 2

Diyalogues proudly presents yet another (much-delayed) Liebster award acceptance post.


I was kindly nominated by Amy Lee of Past, Present, Future a couple of months ago for this award. I have long admired her way with words and her stories about her family leave me with a buttery warm feeling of nostalgia. Do check out her blog if you enjoy reading stories about ordinary lives written in an extraordinary way.

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It’s Awards Season Again!

The Internet is a fickle thing. I realize now that I have lost two of my previous blogging award nominations because those links have now become inactive.


So I figured it was high time I caught up on my pending awards before they too are lost forever in the megabytes of time.

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Glory and Shame – The Blogger Recognition Award

When I first started blogging I imagined I would have 10 followers at best (after having coerced my family into following, that is). Today I have surpassed that number several times over (without having to emotionally blackmail said family) and have not just one but three award nominations tucked securely under my belt. I must have done SOMETHING right!

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