A weekend in the Oman mountains (2/2)

Continuing on from part 1 of this series which you can read about here.

Waking up in the mountains

Did I mention I have a weakness for sunrises? The next morning I was up early to catch the sunrise on the ridge of the mountains (And yes, I nearly lost feeling in my fingers because of the cold). While the rest of my party slumbered on I grabbed the camera and headed out for some commune-with-nature time.

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A weekend in the Oman mountains (1/2)

This year’s newly instituted Martyr’s Day and the UAE National Day holidays meant an extended weekend for most UAE employees. Naturally that meant our bags were packed and we were ready to set off on an adventure. This time in the beautiful country of Oman.

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Tales from the Arabian Nights

Last month DH and I took off for an impulse staycation in the Arabian Nights Village (ANV) with one other family.

We took the Al Ain truck road and armed with our trusty Google maps set off towards our middle-of-nowhere destination. We would soon learn why ANV offers complimentary pick up at certain fixed times from Khalifa Park.

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Sunset barbecue on the beach

With the mercury slowly dropping into the high thirties, more and more people here are stepping out into the great outdoors to make the most of the lovely weather. And one outdoor activity that the UAE holds sacrosanct is The Barbecue.

All over the country, dusty grills are being pulled out and polished to a shine that would make the Evil Queen’s mirror cower in shame. Family favorite recipes and secret marinades are being brushed up on (pun intended). Cricket bats, footballs and badminton rackets are being dragged out of storage. Information about secret barbecue spots is being traded in hushed whispers in office corridors.

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