I bake. What’s your superpower? (Guava Spiced Cupcakes)

Have you ever read my About page? I encourage you to swing by there if you haven’t simply because:

A) It is a work of sheer genius that needs to have the spotlight shone on it every now and again.

B) It is a pretty accurate snapshot of who I am – a brilliantly witty, talented and not to mention modest individual.

c) Neither A nor B is true but I still want you to read it so go take a look by clicking here.

One of the things I mention on that page is that I am a baker. I should probably update that page to read I WAS a baker. I hung up my chef’s hat when I realized that all my baking was causing hubby dearest to grow horizontally rather than vertically.

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A Bookworm’s Burden

So remember how I said that no new books would be allowed to enter my home? I may, just may, have broken the hubby’s cardinal rule of buying a new book only after reading one I already own.

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TTLT – Day 10 – Mystery and Lighting Effects

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My first Flat Ornament finish

I am super duper proud to introduce you to my latest finish. This is my first finish of 2016. My first FFO for 2016. My first time making a cord and tassel. My first cross stitch finished as a flat ornament.

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A Bibliophile’s Dream Come True

I am a bibliophile.

I am ashamed to admit that I buy way more books than I read. My husband, although initially incredibly supportive of my hoarding habit (as all newly wed husbands tend to be of their wife’s fleeting passions), has now imposed a ban on any further books entering our home. Poor guy still thinks he has a say. Shhhhh… let’s not burst his bubble just yet, shall we?

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