The lure of the Smalls… and a Finish!

When I first started dabbling in larger patterns like HAED’s I disdainfully overlooked smaller designs as being too easy. Oh the arrogance of a newbie stitcher!

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The fickle Gemini

Today it’s time for a WIP update.

Remember my latest start that I introduced a while ago? I’ve been working exclusively on this piece in August on the few stitchy days I managed to squeeze in. Here is where I stopped after about 10 days of stitching.

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I am weak… so weak!

Why is it that when all your unfinished projects weigh you down, the only logical solution is to start a new one?

For no particular reason my hands were itching for a new start (Hah! Like you need a reason anyway!). The joy of sorting through fabrics, figuring out measurements, deciding on colors and finally putting that first stitch in. Yes… I was itching for a new start. It was a buzz that simply would not go away. And so with gleeful abandon I gave in. Here is the tiny progress I made on Day 1 (30 July) of my latest start.

new start 3

The project wound up looking quite different from what I first envisioned. But when inspiration knocks you simply have to answer, don’t you?

The piece is being stitched on 28 count count Graziano Linen in Milan-Savannah Rose. It is a delicate, blush pink and the DMC I’m using is a vivid 154. I fell in love with this deep, rich purple when browsing the DMC range at my local store. I snatched up a skein having no clue that I would find a project for it in less than 3 days.

new start comp

Can you guess yet what the piece will be? I’ll give you a hint. It’s a freebie and quite a popular quote.

I’m really enjoying this piece so far. Hopefully it has quenched my thirst for new starts for a while. But only time will tell…

Until next time… stay blessed!


WIP Introduction – The Quilt-batross

It’s WIP introduction time again. And, I tell you, this particular WIP is out to defeat me.

In July 2014, a friend of mine (let’s call her C, shall we?) was due to have her first baby. Two months prior to that, yours truly had the splendid idea of stitching her one of the Dimensions baby quilts as a gift (Note to self : Future such splendid ideas should immediately be discarded). On pitching the idea to two other common friends, M and B, they were sufficiently enthusiastic and wanted to be a part of the project too. So we spent a couple of days browsing on and eventually picked out a pattern that we all liked – The Baby Drawers Quilt.

Baby Drawers
Baby Drawers

The pattern we chose was perfect in that it could easily be divvied up into 3 sections, one for each of us. We placed the order and the parcel was shipped to M who was to work on it first. And thus began the Quiltbatross’ reign of terror.

Suffice to say life events at M’s end meant she could not complete her part and so it passed into the hands of B. B also made a valiant attempt but eventually had to admit defeat and so it came full circle back to the originator of the idea aka Moi.

The Quiltbatross in progress
The Quiltbatross in progress

Needless to say, the quilt is a gigantic project and I really wish now that we had opted for a smaller baby sampler. Why oh why did we not choose a baby bib instead?! It would have been just as functional and a fraction of the size! But of course I can never settle for something small and I really wanted something special for Baby C (the little marshmallow totally deserves it!).

Ever since the quilt passed into my hands, I have been setting myself target dates for completion. The vain hope was that a deadline would motivate me to work on it in earnest. Baby C just celebrated his first birthday (another self imposed deadline that whizzed by with a cheeky wink and a jaunty wave) and the quilt is not even half complete. My new deadline is now mid-August.

Logic dictates that with such humongous stitches I should be covering a large area with every stitch. Logic dictates that I should be making fast progress. This quilt laughs in the face of logic.

Here is my phenomenal progress as of date.

Current progress
Current progress

I feel like I have been working on that elephant for YEARS! It is now dawning on me that I will not get this done by August (Quit chuckling and commiserate… I’m talking to you M!). In fact C is now convinced that she will only get it in time for her baby’s wedding day. Or perhaps HIS baby’s first birthday (both estimates don’t seem too far fetched at this point).

But I will soldier on. I will not give up. I will NOT admit defeat.

Now if only I could finish that wretched elephant.


Stitchy Haul

I am the sort of person who gets excited about receiving snail mail, in fact ANY mail. It could be nothing more than a bank statement or one of those shady advertisements for a fabulous property deal you simply cannot afford to miss. If it comes in an envelope I get excited. Receiving mail is one of the best feelings in the world. Right up there with with your convocation day, the day you bought your first car and the day you got married. I exaggerate… not!

So imagine my absolute delight when this little gem landed on my desk at work. I had placed the order with Jayme Makowski of The Stitcher’s Stash on Facebook less than 2 weeks ago and never expected it to turn up so soon.

Mail! Mail! Mail!
Mail! Mail! Mail!

Needless to say I had to rip into it right away (Postal goodies trump work deadlines any day!). While I’ve received a lot of packages in the past this one was extra special because it had a little bit of everything.

My first Lizzie Kate kit with my first ever Weeks Dye Works floss? Check.

ABC's of Faith by Lizzie Kate
ABC’s of Faith by Lizzie Kate

Fabric? Check.

32 count Belfast - Vintage Country Mocha
32 count Belfast – Vintage Country Mocha

My first  ever Petite Treasure Braid and DMC Metallic? Check.

Oooo... how sparkly!
Oooo… how sparkly!

My first ever bead stash? Check.

Can't wait to start using these beauties!
Can’t wait to start using these beauties!

The obligatory angel pattern that has to work its way into every order? Check.

Did I mention I love angels?
Did I mention I love angels?

I totally recommend checking out Jayme’s page on FB. My initial order was only for the Lizzie Kate kit and fabric. But she very kindly let me add the extras into the parcel (since I was going to be shelling out for shipping anyway). While there were some delays in the invoicing process (what with me going on holiday and general life events at Jayme’s end), she is still a dream to shop with. Her prices for many items were way below that of (one of the cheapest online stores I could find) and that made the wait worthwhile. Her shipping rates to the UAE are some of the best I’ve seen and her parcel reached me in 13 days which has got to be some kind of a record for US-UAE shipping.

Do you have any recommendations for reliable online shopping? Who is your favorite supplier?