Ramadan Rewound!

Today is officially the first day of Ramadan here in the UAE. As a non-Muslim expat, this month is really special to me too.

I want to share this post as a quick peek at what this month is really all about.

Source: Ramadan Kareem!

7 thoughts on “Ramadan Rewound!

  1. This is a beautiful read about Ramadan Kareem Diya….i too have muslim friends and know how hard this month is for all those who observe this fast….especially with temperatures soaring, this heat is killing and i can imagine the state in UAE.
    I agree that this time is difficult and auspicious at the same time for muslims. But people all around India really respect those fasting for the entire month.
    I have had a chance to visit Hyderabad during Ramadan time. And during the evenings when the roza is completed, shopkeepers around the Char minar vicinity show a lovely gesture by holding plates of dates and packets of drinking water to help passers by open their roza. This is one memory that i always reminisce at the time of Ramadan Kareem….will always cherish this as a humanitarian gesture..:)

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    1. That is such a lovely memory Ruchi! 🙂 We had something similar here last year where the authorities would be waiting at traffic lights and handing out small food packets for people who couldn’t be at home to break their fast. Such a thoughtful gesture 🙂

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    2. Well being in Hyderabad, it actually makes you proud of such small gestures which bring us all together as humans. Just what Ramadhan is supposed to teach us, compassion! Thanks for sharing your experiences! 🙂

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