Exciting news peeps!

I have a finished project!

Those of you who have been on this blogging journey with me for any length of time know that I am a starter, not so much a finisher. So you will understand the import of these rare words. And not just any old finish… an FFO (Fully Finished Object for the uninitiated).

I stitched up the below piece as a housewarming gift for a couple who will be moving into their first home soon. As soon as I saw the quote I simply had to do it for them. It fits the occasion perfectly methinks.

Lizzie Kate Snippet S62
Lizzie Kate Snippet S62

I deviated a little from the original Lizzie Kate pattern. I filled in more of the border, added the year and then substituted one of the birds with the couple’s initials and a Rhodes stitch (of sorts) heart.

I also framed the piece myself.

All in two nights.

Yes… I am proud of me indeed.

I think I have earned some goofing off time now! Don’t you agree?

Until next time…


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