Time travel – Rewind and Fast Forward


How many of you remember these?

Flake bar (PC : Amazon.com)
Flake chocolate bar (PC : Amazon.com)

This was such an irreplaceable part of my UAE childhood. My youth has been formed of countless powder-y Flake bars.

While standing at the supermarket check out counter the other day I happened to glance at a nearby display of these bars of yumminess. Isn’t it absolutely devious how supermarkets place these tantalizing goodies conveniently within arms reach of an already open wallet. They’re practically ordering you to buy these items.

As is often the case I succumbed to the impulse and slipped one into my shopping cart. O willpower… where art thou when I need you?

A few blink-and-you-miss-it bites and 166KCal later, I sat back and reveled in my memories of a time long since past.

Fast forward

In other news, I have 3 more days until I set off on holiday. Did anyone notice my wee ‘The world is my oyster’ widget on the sidebar (or down below for mobile viewers)? It highlights the places I’ve been to so far. And this time around, I am not only off to a new city but a whole new continent!  Pretty soon there’s going to be an exciting patch of teal on North America! 😀 New York to be precise. With hopefully a splash of DC and Philly thrown in.

The meticulous planners among you will probably dissolve into fits of hyperventilation when I confess that I still have no clue where I will be staying in NY. I know exactly what I’m going to be doing on my 3 days there but I have no clue where I will rest my weary head after roughly 17 hours of flying. Hyperventilating yet?

Hotel rates in New York are much higher than we’re used to paying on our trips. We are by no means backpackers but we are budget travelers when it comes to accommodation. My logic is that we hardly spend any time in the hotel room anyway so I’d much rather spend my money on attractions, landmarks and food instead. The fact that we’re landing there on a weekend may have something to do with the high rates. Not to mention the Papal visit that is scheduled for later that week.

So there you have it… we are now on the hunt for competitively priced NY digs. Do you have any recommendations for places to stay? What about must-do activities for when we are there? Would love to hear your suggestions on things to do in either NY, DC or Philly…

Until next time!


7 thoughts on “Time travel – Rewind and Fast Forward

  1. Ohh! Flake! My absolute favourite – I so wish I could get them here in Italy.
    My twopence worth re: New York is stay as central as you can afford – we stayed over a weekend some years ago and it was great to just step into it all rather than having to travel to get there first (if that makes sense). We stayed in an Affinia hotel in Midtown which was really nice and fairly reasonable (for NYC). We liked it so much we sent my parents to stay in another Affinia Hotel when we sent them to NYC for their 35th wedding anniversary. The Rockefeller Tower isn’t as high as the Empire State Building but it does have the best uninterrupted view of Central Park. Also, get a cab to the Brooklyn side of Brooklyn Bridge and walk back into Manhatten – the view of the lower Manhatten skyline is awesome. Lastly, if you do end up staying in Brooklyn or the area do let me know, my brother lives in Williamsberg and he will be able to recommend good places there.
    Wow! I’m a bit of an NYC anorak 😳

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    1. O wow… thank you so much! That is a wealth of information in one comment! 😀

      I completely agree with you regarding location. We were able to find places in the 120$/night range in NJ and Brooklyn. But we were hoping to find something a little closer to the center to avoid a long commute.

      The Rock and ESB are on our itinerary. As is the Brooklyn Bridge. I do love your suggestion of taking the cab across. Way better than my original plan of walking both ways 😀 3 days is nowhere close to being enough for NY but we will try our best to do justice to the city that never sleeps 🙂

      P.S. If I ever visit you in Italy I know what I’m getting you… an entire box of Flake! 😉

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  2. Oh the damage chocolates do to our dieting plans…he he .
    Do you know ice-cream/softy with a flake is a specialty in Scotland?
    Wow..im so excited to hear that you will be traveling to New York.
    What no booking for accommodation…that’s being a bit too adventurous.
    We have done that in local travels but never in International ones.
    Like you ,we are budget travelers too. However we wanted to experience living in hostel once so tried that in our Scotland trip. Its not too bad. And it suits your requirement…you only go there for sleeping.
    I hope you enjoy the trip and click lots of pictures.
    (Oh I always have so much to write/talk to you)

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    1. Miniii… I love reading your comments. Always so thoughtful and kind :*

      Flake and ice-cream?! Now i HAVE to go to Scotland! 😀 And I’d like to try the hostel stay once but I’ve heard so many horror stories that we always drop the idea. Maybe seeing the NY rates and hearing about your experience will change our minds 🙂


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