TTLT – Day 6 – Connect

Last weekend DH and I had a chance for a quick getaway to Kuwait.

Although the trip was mostly to re-Connect with family, we did manage to squeeze in some time for ourselves.

TTLT Day 5
Plane views

Note to self : Confine all future Kuwait travel plans to winter months. In July and August Kuwait is hot enough to make a cranked up sauna blush in embarrassed incompetence.

But the melt-your-skin-off heat couldn’t keep us cooped up inside. We bravely ventured forth into the great blazing outdoors for some shopping and sightseeing.

What good would any Kuwait-centric post be if it didn’t include a picture of the iconic Kuwait Towers? The Kuwait Towers are a symbol of modern Kuwait – representative of humanity and technology as depicted by the globe and the rocket respectively. They stand as sentinels in the heart of Kuwait City, overlooking the Persian Gulf.

It is made up of three towers – the main one with two spheres, the second one with a single sphere and a third that is a tall spire. The bottom half of the lower sphere on the main tower holds a water tank and the upper half houses a restaurant, a cafe, a lounge and a reception hall. The upper sphere has a glass enclosed observatory with telescopes for viewing the surrounding scenery as the sphere completes a full rotation every 30 minutes. The second tower serves as a water tower and the third tower houses equipment to illuminate the two larger towers.

The iconic Kuwait towers
The iconic Kuwait Towers

I will say that I have not been able to see all of this for myself as the place has been closed for renovations for nearly two years now. The security guard did inform us that the place would reopen to the public in another ’10 months’. Although I won’t be relying on that estimate too heavily.

We also managed a quick stop at the Holy Family Cathedral Church in the city. kuwait 4

And, of course, what trip to Kuwait would be complete without a stop by the Avenues mall, the largest shopping mall in the country? It may seem strange but in this part of the world a shopping mall is indeed considered a touristic landmark. I kid you not.

The self lighted, color changing dome of the Grand Avenues
The self lighted, color changing dome of the Grand Avenues
The Grand Avenues fountain
The Grand Avenues fountain

It was an all too brief trip and I know there is so much more I want to explore the next time I am there.

Until next time folks… stay blessed!


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