TTLT – Day 2 – Street

Assignment : Today, let’s focus on a street. It can be a quiet road blanketed in snow, an alley near your apartment covered with murals, or a busy street where pedestrians weave between cars and motorbikes…

Today’s post is a peek into the quiet side of Abu Dhabi. The shot was taken around Iftar time (the evening meal for breaking the day’s Ramadan fast), which meant the streets were pretty much deserted. I love how peaceful and calm the city gets at this time.

Silent streets
Silent streets


7 thoughts on “TTLT – Day 2 – Street

  1. Really nice writing style. Your cheery disposition really comes through and I find it very evoking personally. Glad I stopped by to read your posting! Wanderlust is a wonderful thing to possess – more people need to hit the streets, discover new places, and uncover new truths within themselves. Ah-mazing 😊

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    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. The travel bug really is hard to shake off. Once bitten, there’s no turning back 😉 Already itching to hit the road again barely 3 months after our last trip 😀

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