Stitchy Haul

I am the sort of person who gets excited about receiving snail mail, in fact ANY mail. It could be nothing more than a bank statement or one of those shady advertisements for a fabulous property deal you simply cannot afford to miss. If it comes in an envelope I get excited. Receiving mail is one of the best feelings in the world. Right up there with with your convocation day, the day you bought your first car and the day you got married. I exaggerate… not!

So imagine my absolute delight when this little gem landed on my desk at work. I had placed the order with Jayme Makowski of The Stitcher’s Stash on Facebook less than 2 weeks ago and never expected it to turn up so soon.

Mail! Mail! Mail!
Mail! Mail! Mail!

Needless to say I had to rip into it right away (Postal goodies trump work deadlines any day!). While I’ve received a lot of packages in the past this one was extra special because it had a little bit of everything.

My first Lizzie Kate kit with my first ever Weeks Dye Works floss? Check.

ABC's of Faith by Lizzie Kate
ABC’s of Faith by Lizzie Kate

Fabric? Check.

32 count Belfast - Vintage Country Mocha
32 count Belfast – Vintage Country Mocha

My first  ever Petite Treasure Braid and DMC Metallic? Check.

Oooo... how sparkly!
Oooo… how sparkly!

My first ever bead stash? Check.

Can't wait to start using these beauties!
Can’t wait to start using these beauties!

The obligatory angel pattern that has to work its way into every order? Check.

Did I mention I love angels?
Did I mention I love angels?

I totally recommend checking out Jayme’s page on FB. My initial order was only for the Lizzie Kate kit and fabric. But she very kindly let me add the extras into the parcel (since I was going to be shelling out for shipping anyway). While there were some delays in the invoicing process (what with me going on holiday and general life events at Jayme’s end), she is still a dream to shop with. Her prices for many items were way below that of (one of the cheapest online stores I could find) and that made the wait worthwhile. Her shipping rates to the UAE are some of the best I’ve seen and her parcel reached me in 13 days which has got to be some kind of a record for US-UAE shipping.

Do you have any recommendations for reliable online shopping? Who is your favorite supplier?


13 thoughts on “Stitchy Haul

  1. Awesome haul! I love those ABC charts from Lizzie Kate. I am pretty sure I have the Christmas one kitted up and ready to go. And the Lavender and Lace angel is beautiful! I am definitely going to check that shop out. I try to order only from Canada because exchange rates are crazy right now so I don’t know if my favorite shop would be of any use to you but I will let you decide 🙂 Traditional Stitches has a lot of samplers but they also carry Lizzie Kates and all those kinds of designs too. Here is a direct link to their shipping information

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    1. Lol… at the start of the year I was a member of the Stitch from Stash group on FB. Quickly realized I would have to remove myself 😉 Why don’t you come on over and join the dark side too? 😛


  2. Oh this is great haul…so tempting. I’ll check Jayme’s page need to add new fabrics and threads to my stash.
    Well I have only tried twice to get things internationally shipped. One was from 123stitch to Kuwait and second ,Kim who sells fabrics etc. from Belgium to India. I also bought from Stash unload group on facebook and Walmart but that was local shipping to States.

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