TTLT : Through The Lens Tuesday

For the longest time photography has been something that has fascinated me. I have lost count of the number of times that a good photograph has grabbed me, rattled me to my core and left me gasping for more. I can only dream of the day when I will be able to do justice to a soul-quenching landscape or encapsulate a life moment in a perfect portrait.

So with that aim in mind I have decided to take some concrete steps towards my photography dreams. I am going to start small by following one of the Daily Post’s courses. The Daily Post is a fabulous initiative started by the WordPress team to support bloggers. They have a wealth of resources ranging from regular writing and photography prompts, a community to provide feedback and discover fellow bloggers and of course the Blogging University with FREE courses on blogging, photography and writing.

For my personal challenge, I am going to be following the Photo 101: A Photo a Day course. As the name suggests, the course involves a daily word prompt. There is a sample photograph provided, tied to that day’s prompt, and a basic photography lesson with some guidance and possibly some ideas for inspiration. The lessons may be quite elementary but to a newbie like me there is no information that is non-information.

Now I must say that a daily photo is not entirely practical for my schedule. Instead I have decided to start a weekly series called Through The Lens Tuesdays (#TTLT) where I will post pictures for the Photo 101 course.

Those of you who have no interest in a snap-happy amateur’s fumbling attempts can ignore all notifications with the words ‘Through The Lens Tuesday’ or ‘TTLT’ in the subject line. I solemnly promise I will not be offended.

Anyone who is kind enough to feign interest (or simply wishes to have a side-splitting guffaw at my clumsy outputs) is welcome to join me on my journey. In fact, pull out your cameras (or mobiles!) and get clicking yourself!

See you all next week with a TTLT update!


8 thoughts on “TTLT : Through The Lens Tuesday

    1. (shamefaced) I kind of fizzled out with this initiative when I got carried away with other posts 🙂 There are around 9 days worth of photos though if you care to check out the menu at the top of the blog under TTLT. Seeing your comment makes me want to pick it up again 🙂


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